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New Local Energy Tariff

We're very excited to invite you to become involved in Gower Power’s latest project, which in partnership with Bristol Energy Ltd. will enable you as consumers buy your household’s electricity directly from a community owned solar farm and storage facility in Dunvant, and 100% of what isn’t generated or stored on site will be sourced from other renewable energy generators. The electricity will be competitively priced and if you switch energy supplier, Gower Power and Bristol Energy will be working with you to work out other ways to reduce energy bills. Electricity will supplied to your home in the same way it is now, only new localised benefits will be unlocked over time, such as more community benefit funds for the wider community and lower bills for you.

To register your interest, so that the suitability of your household for a SMART meter can be assessed (which will need to be installed but at no cost to you), please go to:

The project can only take on a total of 300 local consumers and by registering your interest, you both protect your place and help get this industry leading project off the ground. After registering your interest, Bristol Energy will be in touch within the next couple of weeks to walk you through the switching process. You will be given the opportunity to review the tariff terms and conditions before you actually switch contracts and provided you register in time to secure your place you will be able to switch when your current contract ends.

If you just happen to need to switch urgently, please go to Bristol Energy’s website and switch onto the ‘Green Fix 1 Year’ tariff using the marketing code SWANSEA (in capital letters). Bristol Energy will then manage the switching process onto the local supply offer with no penalty for switching over:

NB if you do switch to Bristol please still register your interest as previously described and also please let me know so that you have already switched to Bristol so I can ensure your place is protected.

Another note is that if you prefer a dual fuel contract, you can switch to a duel fuel contract through Bristol Energy and still receive the local electricity supply provided you keep us informed.

This scheme is supported by the Welsh Government and the European Regional Development Fund.

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